Spotlight: Breathe Vapor Stick

Spotlight: Breathe Vapor Stick


A couple weeks ago I wrote about feeling under the weather in the distant past and using On Guard Throat Drops for relief.  After saying that it had been so long since I was really truly unwell, I came down with something unspeakable.  It was as though writing about it actually caused this temporary upset in my body. I know that isn’t true but I just couldn’t believe it I got a bad bug!  It’s a little ironic, really.

So here I was, feeling more unwell than I have probably ever been and I had to gather up my arsenal of immune support to use round the clock.  One of the things about the this particular condition is that everything hurts and all you want to do is lay around, so self care is actually rather difficult.  The intense expelling of air from the lungs with a sudden sharp sound actually made me tired but because I had the Breathe Vapor Stick, the ease of the application made it more likely that I would use it and I did. It is like a deodorant stick in that you just turn the bottom to move the solid up and rub the vapor stick on your chest for an easy delivery system.  It was cooling and soothing and helped me maintain a feeling of open airways during difficult spells.

I certainly was grateful I had this on our shelf at home.  We can do our best to keep our immune system in tip top shape but unwanted pathogens do occur and because often they blindside you, it is extremely helpful when you already have what you need on hand.

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