How to Purchase


We are so happy that you are interested in learning more about essential oils. Thank you for reaching out to us about these natural remedies that are available to you.  We have come to understand that quality and purity are extremely important when it comes to essential oils and their effectiveness. Because of this, we have chosen to align our beliefs and personal practices with a specific brand.  We believe that they have set the standard around the world for essential oil quality and they are a company with the highest standards.

We have been using oils for a few years but are continually learning about their many uses. We experiment making all kinds of homemade products with essential oils, including deodorant, roller balls, cleaning sprays, dryer balls, laundry detergent and diffuser pendants. We are confident as we use these products that our home is free of toxins and our children are safe from harsh chemicals.

Why Be So Careful?

We live during a time where we have an abundance of choices when it comes to essential oils and natural products.  The brand we use was carefully chosen for several reasons but most of all, it is their commitment to quality, purity and their devotion to the impact they are having on the world at large.  doTERRA essential oils are grown and harvested with the utmost integrity.  They work closely with the growers and distillers and follow strict guidelines to insure quality and purity to the consumer. They will never compromise these standards which puts them above the rest in our opinion.

Purchasing Options

To have the same amazing oils that we use in your own home, products are distributed via Wellness Advocates with wholesale memberships. Having an account of your own empowers you to order with ease at your computer, not depend on a distributor and also allows you to have it shipped or pick it up if you live close by. In addition, if you are wanting to make a living from sharing these products, you are free to do so as a wellness advocate.
Creating an account is easy:
    1. Set aside a time with us (virtual, phone or in person) so we can help you determine what your needs are.
    1. Make a list of the products you want or need.
  1. Create an account here

For more detailed help or more information about memberships, please contact us by phone (801) 916-0909 or (801) 910-0225 or by email and we will respond within 24 hours.