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Handmade, 100% Wool Dryer Balls

What is a Dryer Ball?

Have you always wanted to try wool dryer balls or know what they even are?  They are an amazing and cost effective way to keep your clothes wrinkle and static free.  There is absolutely no down side to using these little beauties.  They are balls of 100% wool, felted and ready to be used.  They have the same benefits as the store bought dryer sheets without all the nasty chemicals.  Because they are so bouncy, they also create more space between your garments which allows for optimal circulation of the hot dryer air reducing your dry time by 25%.  This is a huge savings to your time, over all cost and energy.

How to use them:

Add one drop of your favorite essential oil to each ball (for fragrance) and toss into the dryer with your load of laundry. As they tumble and turn, the wool balls bounce through your laundry, reducing wrinkles, and drying time. These wool balls also soften the clothing without the use of damaging chemicals that can ruin your clothes and dryer. The more dryer balls you have in a load, the less time in the dryer!


  • Decreases dry time
  • No harmful chemicals like in dryer sheets
  • Can be reused for years to come
  • Increases softness and decreases static cling naturally

Quantity Suggestions:

  • Small Load – use 3 balls
  • Medium Load – use 3-5 balls
  • Large Load – use 5-7 balls

1-2 = $8.00 per ball
3-5 = $7.00 per ball
6-8 = $6.00 per ball
9 or more = $ 5 each
Plus Shipping

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We do custom colors as well.

Natural, Effective Deodorant

Home made deodorant is a healthy alternative to commercial ones, great for your body and the environment and it smells great too!  We use non-aluminum baking soda, pure essential oils (four), arrowroot, fractionated coconut oil and they come in a cute glass jar.

These make great gifts and really are the best recipe we have found yet!

$5.00 for a 4 oz jar plus shipping

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