DisclaimerAlthough I have a limited medical background and am very interested in nutrition, I am not a doctor or nutritionist.  Nothing written here has been evaluated by the FDA nor do we claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any ailment or condition.  What I share here are my experiences as a mother and overall curious person, and I am sharing things I have learned with my friends and readers.

I do believe that our bodies have the ability to heal on their own with natural resources.  I personally choose natural products to be my first ‘go to’ for most ailments.  I believe we have an internal ‘knowing’ and we can train ourselves to listen to and trust.  However, that does not mean I devalue the medical community or think it has no place.  I support integrative medicine and believe we can work in tandem with conventional practitioners if natural resources are not enough.  If you are concerned with any specific issues or want to make a change, such as going off medications or changing your diet or adding an exercise regime, please do so under the care of your practitioner.

I also believe that there are some core things that will keep us well physically and emotionally.  I feel strongly that everyone needs an organic, whole foods diet.  We need daily exercise and it would be best if that exercise is done outside in the sunshine and fresh air.  I believe we need adequate rest including six to eight hours of sleep each night.  I believe there is extreme value in staying unplugged for a good portion of your day which means time away from computers and TV or any device that takes away from our ability to connect with others and listen to our bodies for what they need.  I wholeheartedly believe in being true to yourself and who you are and creating a fantastic life around that.  I know lots of love and laughter every day is good for the soul and having a few good friends to share experiences with makes this thing we are doing called ‘life’ a whole lot more fun.

Now, go enjoy your life!