What would it take to love and fully accept yourself for who you are? If you are like many others, total acceptance of self can be a difficult thing to master. A lot of us struggle to embrace all aspects of who we are, and can you blame us?  We live in a social media society that is fixated on only the best parts of ourselves. The compare and despair game is excruciating so it is no wonder we struggle to love ourselves.

This is the time of year I get deep in thought about self-acceptance. It wasn’t that long ago I was fighting all kinds of self judgements and fears. November into December was the period of time I started to awaken to some pretty intense revelations about myself. Things I had been fully shut down to were surfacing and felt earth shattering.  I became aware that I was falling in love with someone of the same sex and in my world, it was unacceptable.

About the same time of my awakening, I found myself drawn to Juniper Berry essential oil. I had this little bottle on my shelf for some time, but never thought twice about opening it. I had my favorites and played around with new ones, but this lone oil sat overlooked in the cupboard.  Suddenly, I was compelled to open it and right from my first use, it became part of my daily routine. Morning, noon and night, I was dousing myself with this lovely fragrance. I was perplexed by my fascination with an oil I hadn’t given any prior notice to. Like a good wellness advocate, I did some research and found out why this little gem had been calling my name.

Juniper Berry is considered the oil of the night.  At the emotional level, Juniper Berry assists those who fear the darker, unknown aspects of themselves and encourages them to face things that have long been avoiding.  Instinctively, Juniper Berry was calling to me, begging me to take an honest assessment of what was deep within. I had no choice. I was being asked to see a part of myself that was long ago buried. That was nearing five year ago and Juniper Berry is still a constant in my life.

As we do the self acceptance work, Juniper Berry is a perfect companion and guide. With the support of this oil, we can begin to see that the real you is loveable and good. Stop with the comparisons and live true to who you are because who you are is perfectly acceptable.



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